web3dart.conversions library


bytesToHex(List<int> bytes, { bool include0x: false }) → String
Converts the bytes given as a list of integers into a hexadecimal representation. [...]
bytesToInt(List<int> bytes) → BigInt
Converts the bytes from that list (big endian) to a BigInt.
hexToBytes(String hexStr) → List<int>
Converts the hexadecimal string, which can be prefixed with 0x, to a byte sequence.
hexToInt(String hex) → BigInt
Takes the hexadecimal input and creates a BigInt.
intToBytes(BigInt number) → List<int>
numberToBytes(dynamic number) → List<int>
Converts the given number, either a int or a BigInt to a list of bytes representing the same value.
strip0x(String hex) → String
If present, removes the 0x from the start of a hex-string.
toHex(dynamic number, { bool pad: false, bool include0x: false, int forcePadLen }) → String
Converts the number, which can either be a dart int or a BigInt, into a hexadecimal representation. The number needs to be positive or zero. [...]