generator library


The builder class which does the code generation.


abiFuncToMethod(ContractFunction func, {bool nullable = false}) String
convert a ContractFragment to a source code fragment of a dart proxy implementation.
abiOutputToReturnType(List<FunctionParameter> outputs) String
Convert List<FunctionParameter> to a dart source code fragment of the equivalent web3dart return type (using TupleX where necessary).
abiToMethods(ContractAbi abi, {bool nullable = true}) String
genWholeW3ContractFile(String abiString, String fileNameWithExt, {bool nonNullableEnabled = false}) String
Generate the whole output file as a string.
paramAddParamName(FunctionParameter param, int nth_param) Tuple2<FunctionParameter, String>
Convert a FunctionParameter to a source code fragment of the equivalent web3dart type.
web3ContractGen(BuilderOptions opts) Builder
The generator the builder actually uses.
web3TypesToDart(String web3Ty) String
wrap<T>(String returnType, {bool nullable = false}) String
Wrap the dart source code fragment of a type in Future. i.e. Future<${type}>.