washington library Null safety


The EventListener is a convinient widget that allows you to listen to events that Washington dispatches.
A MultiStateProvider can be used when you want to provide multiple UnitedState objects.
StateBuilder<T extends UnitedState<TValue>, TValue extends Object>
A Widget that allows you to define specific builders for specific states.
StateListener<US extends UnitedState<V>, V extends Object>
Listen to state changes
StateProvider<T extends UnitedState<Object>>
A StateProvider can be used to add a State object to the widget tree.
UnitedState<T extends Object>
A State object that will receive events dispatched by Washington.
Global event dispatcher and state uniter.


EventCallback = void Function(Object event)
GeneralStateBuilder<TValue> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, State<TValue> state)
StateHandler = void Function(Object event)
UnitedStateListener<T> = void Function(BuildContext context, State<T> state)
ValueStateBuilder<TValue> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, ValueState<TValue> state)
ValueStateListener<T> = void Function(BuildContext context, ValueState<T> state)