Wannatalk Official Flutter plugin.

Getting Started

Edit the pubspec.yaml file in your app directory to define the Wannatalk SDK dependency:

  wannatalkcore: ^0.0.2

iOS Setup

  1. Request WTService-Info.plist from wannatalk.ai and drag it into your application. When prompted, select "Copy items if needed" and continue.

  2. Add below keys in your application's Info.plist

    <string>To save in-chat photos and videos</string>
    <string>To locate friends already on the Wannatalk network</string>
    <string>To take photos and videos to send to friends in-chat</string>
    <string>To display it in map</string>
    <string>To record live photos and movies</string>
  3. Add this line to your application pod file

    pod 'WTExternalSDK', :git =>'https://github.com/edzehoo/WannatalkAPI-iOS.git', :tag => '1.5.1'

  4. That's it! Run the app

To strip simulator architecture framework for your app submission

  1. Copy trim.sh file into your project folder.
  2. Create Run Script Phase in Build Phases of your application target.
  3. Paste "$SRCROOT/trim.sh" inside the body of Run Script Phase.
  4. Enable Run script only when installing and Show environment variables in build log.

Android Setup

  1. Request wannatalk-services.json from wannatalk.ai and drag it into your application assets directory

  2. Enable multiDexEnabled in your application build.gradle

    android {
        defaultConfig {
            // Enabling multidex support.
            multiDexEnabled true
  3. Set colorPrimary, colorPrimaryDark and colorAccent attributes in app's color.xml (src/main/res/values/colors.xml)

  4. That's it! Run the app


import 'package:wannatalkcore/wannatalkcore.dart';
Wannatalkcore.login(onCompletion: (WTResult result) {
  if (result.success) {
Wannatalkcore.silentLogin("<user_identifier>", { displayname: "name", key1: "Value1", key2: "Value2"}, onCompletion: (WTResult result) {
  if (result.success) {

To check login status

bool loggedIn = await Wannatalkcore.isUserLoggedIn;
Wannatalkcore.logout(onCompletion: (WTResult result) {

Wannatalk events

Wannatalkcore.setMethodCallHandler(onReceivedEvent:(WTEventResponse eventResponse) {



To load your organization profile

Wannatalkcore.loadOrganizationProfile(autoOpenChat, onCompletion: (WTResult result){


To view all chats

Wannatalkcore.loadChats(onCompletion: (WTResult result) {

To view all users

Wannatalkcore.loadUsers(onCompletion: (WTResult result) {


To show or hide guide button

WannatalkConfig.showGuideButton(true); // default = true

To enable or disable sending audio message

WannatalkConfig.allowSendAudioMessage(false);  // default = true

To show or hide add participants option in new ticket page and chat item profile page

WannatalkConfig.allowAddParticipants(false);    // default = true

To show or hide remove participants option in chat item profile

WannatalkConfig.allowRemoveParticipants(false); // default = false

To show or hide welcome message

WannatalkConfig.showWelcomeMessage(false);            // default = false

To show or hide Profile Info page

WannatalkConfig.showProfileInfoPage(false);           // default = true

To create auto tickets:

Chat ticket will create automatically when auto tickets is enabled, otherwise default ticket creation page will popup

WannatalkConfig.enableAutoTickets(true);           // default = false

To show or hide close chat button in chat page

WannatalkConfig.showExitButton(true);               // default = false

To show or hide participants in chat profile page

WannatalkConfig.showChatParticipants(false);          // default = true

To enable or disbale chat profile page

WannatalkConfig.enableChatProfile(false);           // default = true

To allow modify in chat profile page

WannatalkConfig.allowModifyChatProfile(false);       // default = true

To set Inactive chat timeout:

Chat session will end if user is inactive for timeout interval duration. If timeout interval is 0, chat session will not end automatically. The default timout interval is 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

double timeoutInterval = 1800; // Default Value: 1800 seconds ~ 30 minutes