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Flutter package: Vonage

A Vonage authentication package (formerly Nexmo and TokBox), growing startups and agile enterprises can build best-in-class communications solutions at scale. Our global platform, comprehensive suite of communications channels, and expert support help you move quickly to offer your customers the most helpful experience possible, sooner rather than later.

Short and sweet (TLDR;)

Vonage vonage = Vonage(apiKey: "apiKey", apiSecret :"apiSecret");
var response = await vonage.verify(phoneNumber: "+40938838333", brandName : "brandName", codeLength: 4);

Full documentation

Documentation generated by dartdoc can be found here.

Getting started

First, the if the app will be using Vonage, then you would create
an account on Vonageto get a Auth key and Secret which
will be used in verifying users

Follow the instructions on the website to get started and some funds will be allocated to you

Setting those up will likely be take some time

Add vonage to your pubspec.yaml file as a dependency. For example, to use vonage from the master branch in this repo, add vonage to the dependencies section, like so:

  sdk: ">=2.1.0 <3.0.0"

    sdk: flutter

  vonage: ^0.0.6

Using Vonage

The example folder contains a bare-bones app that includes Vonage sign in code.
The example will not run on a device platform, The example DOES run under
the flutter test framework, so to see it in action, attach a debugger and run the test.