Compress videos, remove audio, manipulate thumbnails, and make your video compatible with all platforms through this lightweight and efficient library. 100% native code was used, we do not use FFMPEG as it is very slow, bloated and the GNU license is an obstacle for commercial applications. In addition, google chrome uses VP8/VP9, safari uses h264, and most of the time, it is necessary to encode the video in two formats, but not with this library. All video files are encoded in an MP4 container with AAC audio that allows 100% compatibility with safari, mozila, chrome, android and iOS.

Works on ANDROID and IOS.

How to use

VideoCompress videoCompress = VideoCompress();

Get thumbnail from video path

final uint8list = await videoCompress.getThumbnail(
  quality: 50, // default(100)
  position: -1 // default(-1)

Get thumbnail file from video path

final thumbnailFile = await videoCompress.getThumbnailWithFile(
  quality: 50, // default(100)
  position: -1 // default(-1)

Get media information

final info = await videoCompress.getMediaInfo(file.path);

Compression Video

Compatible with IOS, Android and Web after compression.

final info = await videoCompress.compressVideo(
  quality: VideoQuality.DefaultQuality, // default(VideoQuality.DefaultQuality)
  deleteOrigin: false, // default(false)

Check Compressing state


Stop compression

Will print InterruptedException in android, but not affect to use.

await videoCompress.cancelCompression()

delete all cache files

Delete all files generated by this will delete all files located at 'video_compress', you shoule ought to know what are you doing.

await videoCompress.deleteAllCache()

Subscribe the compression progress steam

class ... extends State<MyApp> {
  Subscription _subscription;

  void initState() {
    _subscription =
        videoCompress.compressProgress$.subscribe((progress) {
      debugPrint('progress: $progress');

  void dispose() {


  • Finish methods on android.
  • Add the trim function


getThumbnailString pathvideo path, int quality(1-100)thumbnail quality, int positionGet a thumbnail from video positionget thumbnail from video pathFuture<Uint8List>
getThumbnailWithFileString pathvideo path, int quality(1-100)thumbnail quality, int positionGet a thumbnail from video positionget thumbnail file from video pathFuture<File>
convertVideoToGifString pathvideo path, int startTime(from 0 start)convert video to gif start time, int endTimeconvert video to gif end time, int durationconvert video to gif duration from start timeconvert video to gif from video pathFuture<File>
getMediaInfoString pathvideo pathget media information from video pathFuture<MediaInfo>
compressVideoString pathvideo path, VideoQuality qualitycompressed video quality, bool deleteOrigindelete the origin video, int startTimecompression video start time, int durationcompression video duration from start time, bool includeAudiois include audio in compressed video, int frameRatecompressed video frame ratecompression video at origin video pathFuture<MediaInfo>
cancelCompressionnonecancel compressingFuture<void>
deleteAllCachenoneDelete all files generated by 'video_compress' will delete all files located at 'video_compress'Future<bool>


compressProgress$Subscribe the compression progress steamdouble progress


Contributions are always welcome!


Inspired by the flutter_ffmpeg library.