StringExtension extension

Extension Methods & Widgets for the strings



eliminateFirst String
Removes first element
isEmptyOrNull bool
Return a bool if the string is null or empty
isNotBlank bool
Returns true if s is neither null, empty nor is solely made of whitespace characters.
numCurrency String
Format numeric currency
orEmpty String
Returns the string if it is not null, or the empty string otherwise
richText VxRichText
Get RichText Widget for the String
selectableText VxSelectableTextBuilder
Get SelectableText Widget for the String
text VxTextBuilder
Get Text Widget for the String
textSpan VelocityXTextSpan
Get TextSpan for the String


allWordsCapitilize() String
Capitalize all words inside a string
compareToIgnoringCase(String other) int
Returns a value according to the contract for Comparator indicating the ordering between this and other, ignoring letter case. [...]
firstLetterUpperCase() String
Returns first letter of the string as Caps eg -> Flutter
hidePartial({int begin = 0, int end, String replace = '*'}) String
Replaces chars of the given String s with replace. [...]
ifEmpty(Function action) String
insert(String other, int index) String
Returns a copy of this with other inserted starting at index. [...]
isRtlLanguage() bool
Check if String is Right to Left Language
numCurrencyWithLocale({String locale = "en_US"}) String
Format numeric currency with provided locale
prepend(String other) String
Returns the concatenation of other and this. [...]
removeAllWhiteSpace() String
Returns a String without white space at all "hello world" // helloworld
reverse() String
Returns this with characters in reverse order. [...]
validateEmail() bool
Uses regex to check if the provided string is a valid email address or not