📼 VCR (http)

A package to store and replay requests using the http package.

Getting Started

Create a client:

VcrClient client = VcrClient(cassettePath: 'cassette_path');
Response response = await client.get('https://api.github.com/users/keviinlouis/repos');

If the cassette file already exists when the VcrClient is created it will playback and match the requests to the stored requests.

If the cassette file did not already exist it will send and record the http requests.

To use a different cassette create another VcrClient instance.

Replaying the recorded requests

Create a new VcrClient instance with the same cassette_path. If the cassette file already ex

Using with custom Client

The recommended way to use VcrClint in combination with a custom Client is to wrap VcrClient with your custom Client. See the implementation of the http package's IOClient for an example on how this is done.

Thanks to:

  • @keviinlouis for creating the vcr package for Dio requests.
  • The creators of the original Ruby VCR package which I use and love in my Ruby projects.