Biometric Authentication 🔒 🔑 🔓

This is a biometric authentication flutter plugin for android

an implementation of the newest biometric android library.

Sample test on 1+ 6t

Usage 🖊️

  • type type of authenticators only 3 types : BIOMETRIC_STRONG BIOMETRIC_WEAK DEVICE_CREDENTIAL
  • title title on authentication process
  • subtitle subtitle on authentication process, default to ''
  • negativeButtonText similar to use other authentiation method, default to ''

After called this method, platform would check authentication requirement and return BioStatus to indicator if success or not.

if success, platform would start authentication immediately.

BioCallBack is a callback function the result of authentication itself, if the checking status is not success, callback would not be called.

VauBiometric.biometricLogin(type: BIOMETRIC_STRONG,
      title: 'Login', subtitle: 'click to login in', negativeButtonText: 'no',
      successCallBack: (code, message) {
      errorCallBack: (code, message) {
      failCallBack: (code, message) {

One more important thing 🤦‍♂️

There is one big drawback using this newest biometric library -> It needs a reference of FragmentActivity 😫

We would start a AuthActivity which extends FragmentActivity after check success

If you want a custom view on this activity

create a new layout xml file named biometric_layout -> It has to be this name 😁😁😁

That is It !!! 🙃

It is still unstable for now, because it is so hard to test biometric authentication on each android device 🤕

so if you have any problem using this, please put on issues