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A MQTT client for Dart that works on any Dart supported compile target (including Flutter and Flutter Web).


  • Full support for MQTT 3.3.1
  • Support for MQTT over WebSocket on all Dart compile targets (including web)
  • Support for MQTT over TCP on mobile and desktop
  • Dart idiomatic API using promises and streams
  • Built in reconnect functionality
  • Full support for wildcard topics


/// To use this example you need to have a WebSocket `mqtt` server
/// running on localhost:9000.

import 'package:universal_mqtt_client/universal_mqtt_client.dart';

void main() async {
  // Create a new UniversalMqttClient. This does not start the connection yet.
  final client = UniversalMqttClient(broker: Uri.parse('ws://localhost:9000'));
  client.status.listen((status) {
    print('Connection Status: $status');

  // We now call `client.connect()` to establish a connection with the MQTT broker.
  // The returned promise resolves when the connection is successful, a timeout
  // has been reached, or the broker responds with an error.
  await client.connect();

  // We now subscribe to the client and save the returned StreamSubscription
  final subscription = client
      .handleString('device_status/1', MqttQos.atLeastOnce)
      .listen((message) => print('Device 1 Status: $message'));

  // then publish a message to the topic we subscribed to.
      'device_status/1', 'Connected and running!', MqttQos.atLeastOnce);

  // Then we wait a bit before we cancel our subscription.
  await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 2));

  // Now we can cancel our subscription. This means that any messages after this will
  // not be recieved by the client anymore.
  await subscription.cancel();

  // Ultimatly we clean up our connection by disconnecting from the broker.

Bugs and feature requests

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker. If you find any security related issues, please follow the guidance in the SECURITY.md file. Thanks :-)


This project is licensed under the MIT licence. More information can be found in the LICENCE file.


universal_mqtt_client is a mqtt package that transparently works with any Dart supported compile target. This means it supports all targets for Flutter (mobile, desktop and web), and all Dart targets (web and vm). [...]