This project is an implementation of logical first-order unification.

A first-order unification procedure unify is given by this library. It can be applied on two terms of type Termtype that are also given by the library.

The solution of a unification problem is a substitution, that is, a mapping assigning a symbolic value to each variable of the problem's expressions.

The unification procedure reports unsolvability for a given problem or computes the complete and minimal substitution set containing the most general unifier. This is a set covering all solutions containing no redundant members.


import "package:tailcalls/tailcalls.dart";
import "package:unification/unification.dart";

var test = unify(
      new List()
          new Tupl(
            new Term("b0", [new Term("b1", []),new Term("b2", [])]),
            new Term("b0", [new Term("b1", []),new Term("b2", [])]),
var mgu = test;

Read more about unification in logic on Wikipedia.