Universal Dart/Flutter package manager. A companion to multipack - a monorepo management tool. uni uses dart, flutter, pub, dartfmt, dartanalyzer and dartdoc based on the project you are in.

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To activate uni run one of the following commands:

pub global activate uni
# or
dart pub global activate uni
# or
flutter pub global activate uni
# or
uni pub global activate uni

Available commands

  • x uni doctor: Show information about the installed tooling.
  • x uni analyze: Analyze the project's Dart code.
  • uni compile: Compile Dart to various formats.
  • uni create: Create a new project.
  • x uni format: Idiomatically format Dart source code.
  • uni migrate: Perform a null safety migration on a project or package.
  • x uni pub: Work with packages.
  • uni run: Run the program.
  • x uni test: Run tests in this package.


Based on context uni chooses the appropriate tooling. This behavior can be overriden, by setting --tooling flag. For example, uni --tooling <TOOLING> pub.

  • dart: uses commands from dart command. uni pub -> dart pub
  • flutter: uses commands from flutter command.uni pub -> flutter pub
  • legacy: uses legacy tooling bundled with dart. uni pub -> pub
  • adaptive(default): uses tooling based on context. uni pub -> flutter pub in flutter projects; dart pub in dart projects, pub and flutter pub as a fallback