TweenMe for Flutter

A tween library framework for Flutter project, inspired from TweenMax (

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If you're a Javascript or Actionscript developer, you probably know TweenMax - this is an awesome tween library developed by GreenSock team, which have a huge support for doing animation.

Animated Widgets in Flutter are great, but I find them not very familiar and customizable. Since TweenMax hasn't been available for Flutter, so I tried to write an alternative version - I named it TweenMe!

Important notes:

Firstly, you need to be aware of TweenContainer, this is an universal widget. TweenMe can only apply to TweenContainer.

TweenContainer can be placed within any widgets in the widget tree of your app. But if put it inside a FlexRenderContainer (such as Row, Column), then you tween the value of positions (such as "top", "left",..), it won't work!

How to use:

TweenContainer tweenableContainer = TweenContainer(
  // initial data:
  data: TweenData(
    width: 100,
    height: 100,
  // child: Text("Hello")

// ...
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: Stack(
        children: [
          // plug this container into your widget tree:

            alignment: Alignment.bottomCenter,
            child: FlatButton(
              child: Icon(Icons.arrow_back, color: Colors.white),
              onPressed: (){
                // then apply a TweenMe when you want to animate it:
                  duration: 1, // in seconds
                  ease: Curves.ease, // ease type
                  // animate "tweenableContainer" to this data:
                  data: TweenData(
                    top: 300,
                    width: 250,
                    height: 250,
                    color: Colors.yellow
          ), // Align
// ...

Looks familiar, eh?

More examples can be found here:

Which data of TweenContainer that you can animate?

For now, it supports:

  • left (double)
  • right (double)
  • top (double)
  • bottom (double)
  • width (double)
  • height (double)
  • opacity (double)
  • color (Color)
  • rotation (double) -> in degrees
  • scale (Offset)
  • margin (EdgeInsetsGeometry)
  • padding (EdgeInsetsGeometry)
  • border (Border)
  • borderRadius (BorderRadius)

TweenMe properties & methods:


  • duration (double) -> duration of tween in seconds
  • data (TweenData) -> destination tween data
  • ease (Curve) -> animation ease type
  • delay (double) -> in seconds
  • repeat (int) -> number of tween repeat
  • yoyo (bool) -> default is false, if it's "true", the animation will be reversed once it completed


  • onUpdate(progress) (void)
  • onComplete(target) (void)

  duration: 1, 
  ease: Curves.ease,
  data: TweenData(
    top: 300,
    width: 250,
    height: 250,
    color: Colors.yellow
  onUpdate: (progress){
    print("My progress is $progress");
  onComplete: (target){
    print("I'm done!");

TweenMe Methods

  • play()
  • stop()
  • seek(timeScalePosition)
  • dispose()

Example of controlling the tween:

To control the tween, you can do this:

TweenMe myTween =
  duration: 1,
  autoplay: false, // make this tween stopped at the beginning
  data: TweenData(
    rotation: 180

// when you want "myTween" to start, just do this:;

// if you want to stop "myTween":

// if you want to seek "myTween" at some time scale position:;

// dispose the tween:


You want to update the color, opacity, transformation or position of TweenContainer instantly? Here you go:

TweenContainer myContainer = TweenContainer(
  data: TweenData(
    width: 200,
    height: 200,

// Let update the color of this container after 2 seconds:
Future.delayed(Duration(milliseconds: 2000), (){

Easy, right?

The TweenContainer can kill all the applied tweens itself, with:


Extra Eases:

(Yes, TweenMe has more eases than Flutter)

Beside the default curves of Flutter:

  • Ease.linear (same with Curves.linear)
  • Ease.decelerate (same with Curves.decelerate)
  • Ease.ease (same with Curves.ease)
  • Ease.easeOut (same with Curves.easeOut)
  • Ease.easeIn (same with Curves.easeIn)
  • Ease.easeInOut (same with Curves.easeInOut)
  • Ease.fastOutSlowIn (same with Curves.fastOutSlowIn)
  • Ease.bounceIn (same with Curves.bounceIn)
  • Ease.bounceOut (same with Curves.bounceOut)
  • Ease.bounceInOut (same with Curves.bounceInOut)
  • Ease.elasticOut (same with Curves.elasticOut)
  • Ease.elasticIn (same with Curves.elasticIn)
  • Ease.elasticInOut (same with Curves.elasticInOut)

You also can use:

  • Ease.backIn
  • Ease.backOut
  • Ease.backInOut
  • Ease.slowMo
  • Ease.sineIn
  • Ease.sineOut
  • Ease.sineInOut

Check this example to understand more about eases:

Error report:

This plugin hasn't been fully tested. Use as your own risk! Please report issues for further improvement.