A Flutter plugin for detecting the trust fall of the device(Jailbroken, root, emulator and mock location detection).

Uses RootBeer for Android root detection and DTTJailbreakDetection for iOS jailbreak detection. Inspired by jail-monkey and this blog article

Getting Started

In your flutter project add the dependency:

  trust_fall: ^1.0.4


Importing package

import 'package:trust_fall/trust_fall.dart';

Using it

Checks whether device JailBroken on iOS/Android?

bool isJailBroken = await TrustFall.isJailBroken;

Checks whether device is real or emulator

bool isRealDevice = await TrustFall.isRealDevice;

Can this device mock location - no need to root!

bool canMockLocation = await TrustFall.canMockLocation;

(ANDROID ONLY) Check if application is running on external storage

bool isOnExternalStorage = await TrustFall.isOnExternalStorage;

Check if device violates any of the above

bool isTrustFall = await TrustFall.isTrustFall;


Mock location detection

  • Android - Location permission needs to be granted in app in order to detect mock location properly
  • iOS - For now we are checking if device is Jail Broken or if it's not real device. There is no strong detection of mock location in iOS (Open the PR if you have better way for mock location detection in iOS)

❗Since emulators are usually rooted, you might want to bypass these checks during development. Unless you're keen on constant false alarms ⏰