getSession method Null safety

Future<Map<String, dynamic>> getSession(
  1. {List<String> fields = const ['alt-speed-enabled', 'speed-limit-down-enabled', 'speed-limit-up-enabled', 'download-dir', 'speed-limit-down', 'speed-limit-up', 'alt-speed-down', 'alt-speed-up', 'version']}

Get data session, fields can be provided to get only needed information fields to retrieve, can be checked at Returns Map of the session's data Throws TransmissionException if errors


Future<Map<String, dynamic>> getSession({
  List<String> fields = const [
}) async {
  final results = await'/',
      data: _Request(methodGetSession, arguments: {
        'fields': fields,
  final response = _Response.fromJSON(;
  return response.arguments!;