Toribash Bot Library in Dart

pub package

A Dart library for creating bots in Toribash, helps you establish a socket connection to a game room and triggers events that you can hook into to provide functionality, see the usage section for a simple example.


Add the package to your dependencies in the pubspec.yaml file:

  toribash_bot: ^1.0.0


Using the library is fairly straight forward if you are familiar with the Dart language

The class you interact with is the ToribashBot() class, which takes a Credentials() object and some optional parameters.

import 'package:toribash_bot/credentials.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/events/room_connected.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/toribash_bot.dart';

ToribashBot bot = ToribashBot(
  Credentials("USERNAME", "PASSWORD"),
  spectateOnJoin: true, // Optional: Should the bot spectate on join? defaults to true, don't change this unless you have a very good reason to.
  roomPassword: "examplepassword", // If the room you are connecting to is password protected, provide the password here.

Now we have our bot instance, we can now hook into the events, this is implemented with Dart Streams. event) {
  print("Bot has connected to the room");

Lastly we need to connect to the room, by calling the join(roomName) method on the bot instance, this will establish a socket connection to the lobby server, asking for the IP and Port of the room, (creating it if it does not exist), then the lobby server will forward the bot to the right room, the bot client will establish another socket connection to the room and start listening for data, and transform that data into events.



Hello World

Here is a simple bot that will connect to the room testroom, say "Hello world" in the chat after 5 seconds, then disconnect after 5 more seconds.

import 'package:toribash_bot/credentials.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/events/room_connected.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/toribash_bot.dart';

main(List<String> args) async {
  String roomName = "testroom";

  ToribashBot bot = ToribashBot(
    Credentials("USERNAME", "PASSWORD"),
  ); event) {
    Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 5), () {
      bot.say("Hello world!");

    Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 10), () {


Respond to a player

Now, we want to add some interactivity to our bot, so we will add a listener for the playerSay event, and if anyone in the room says "bot::hello", we will respond with "Hello there PLAYERNAME".

We can send chat messagges to the room by using the say("message") method on the bot instance.

import 'package:toribash_bot/credentials.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/events/player_say.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/toribash_bot.dart';

main(List<String> args) async {
  String roomName = "testroom";

  ToribashBot bot = ToribashBot(
    Credentials("USERNAME", "PASSWORD"),
  ); event) {
    if (event.message == "bot::hello") {
      bot.say("Hello there ${event.player}");



Commands are methods on the instance of a ToribashBot() class.

join(String room)Makes the player join a room
command(String command)Sends a raw command to the server, only use this if the command you need is not implemented in the bot
spectate()Makes the bot enter the spectate queue. You should always make your bot spectate
say(String value)Send a message to the room
whisper(String player, String message)Send a whisper to another player
op(String player)Make another player an OP of the room (Bot must to be OPed)
deop(String player)De-op a player of the room (requires the bot to be OPed or a admin of sort)
ban(String player)Adds a player to the ban list, this will also kick them off the server
unban(String player)Removes a player from the ban list
clearBanList()Remove all players from the ban list
mute(String player)Mutes the player in the room
unmute(String player)Unmutes the player in the room
muteAll()Mutes everyone in the room
unmuteAll()Unmutes everyone in the room
motd(String message)Sets the 'Message Of The Day' of the room
setPassword(String password)Password protect the room (Bot has to be OPed)
clearPassword()Remove the password from a room (Bot must to be OPed)
sendPassword(String password)Used internally, sends a "/pass password" command to the server, if the room is password protected
disconnect()Disconnects the bot, same as closing the game client (sends a "QUIT" command)


Events are triggered when certain messages or events happen on the server, the Toribash Bot client connects to the server and dispatches events based on the messages it receives.

To listen for a particular event, access the event from the event property on the ToribashBot instance


ToribashBot bot = ToribashBot(
  Credentials("USERNAME", "PASSWORD"),

// You can listen for any event by calling .listen() on the appropriate event:
//{EVENTNAME}.listen((e) { /* handle event here */ })

// Examples: => print("Example")); => print("Example"));

Here is a list of events that you can listen to:

Event nameEventDescription
whisperWhisperEvent(String player, String message)Triggered when the bot receives a whisper message from another user
playerSayPlayerSayEvent(String player, String message)Triggered whenever a player says something in a room
serverSayServerSayEvent(String message)Triggered whenever the server sends a message
playerDisconnectedPlayerDisconnectedEvent(String player)Triggered when a player disconnects by either quiting or "not responding"
pingPingEvent(Timer timer)Triggered every time the bot sends a "PING" to the server, by default every 10 seconds.
lobbyForwardLobbyForwardEvent(InternetAddress ip, int port)Whenever the bot recieves a forward request from the lobby server.
roomConnectedRoomConnectedEvent(Room room)Whenever the bot has connected to the room.
passwordAcceptedPasswordAcceptedEvent(String password)Triggered if the room is password protected and a valid password was provided
passwordDeclinedPasswordDeclinedEvent(String password)Triggered if the room is password protected and an invalid password was provided
playerJoinedSpectatorsPlayerJoinedSpectatorsEvent(String player)Triggered whenever a player joins the spectators
roomPasswordSetRoomPasswordSetEvent(String player)Triggered whenever a room admin sets a password in the room
roomPasswordClearedRoomPasswordClearedEvent(String player)Triggered whenever a room admin clears the password in the room
bannedBannedEvent()Triggered if you're banned from the room
kickedKickedEvent()Triggered if you're kicked from the room
disconnectedDisconnectedEventTriggered when the connection is closed, use it to stop stream subscribers and cleanup.
rawMessageRawMessageEvent(String message)If you want to hook into the raw messages sent from the server.


There are currently 3 properties that you can access on the bot instance to get information about the current room.


import 'dart:async';

import 'package:toribash_bot/events/room_connected.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/toribash_bot.dart';
import 'package:toribash_bot/credentials.dart';

main(List<String> args) async {
  ToribashBot bot = ToribashBot(
    Credentials("USERNAME", "PASSWORD"),
  ); event) {
    // After we've connected, run this code every 10 seconds
    Timer.periodic(Duration(seconds: 10), (timer) {
      print("This room is playing the mod: " + bot.currentRoom.gameRules.mod);
      print("Players in fight queue: " + bot.players.join(", "));
      print("Players specatating: " + bot.spectators.join(", "));

currentRoomRoomThe current room, contains gamerules, ip and port, the mod being played etc
spectatorsList<String>List of spectators at this point in time
playersList<String>List of players in the fight queue at this point in time