array library


compact List Function(List)
Return a copy of the array with the null values removed @function
height → dynamic Function(dynamic name)
permutations List Function(List)
Get all permutations of an array
shuffle ↔ dynamic Function(dynamic arr, [dynamic rnd])
Randomizes the order of the specified array in-place, using the Fisher–Yates shuffle.
read / write


ascR(dynamic b, dynamic n) → dynamic
descR(dynamic b, dynamic n) → dynamic
range([dynamic a, dynamic b]) → dynamic
Create a numeric range
rotate(dynamic times, List arr) → dynamic
Rotates a list a number of times. It"s completly agnostic about the contents of the list.
sort(List src) List
Sort an array of notes in ascending order
unique(List arr) List
Get sorted notes with duplicates removed