A fully fledged, simple to use to do terminal app with a GUI. Written in dart.

Getting started

# add todo
todo -a Pet the cat
todo --add Pet the cat
todo a Pet the cat
todo add Pet the cat
todo -f path/to/todo.md a Pet the cat

# use gui to manage todos
todo -f path/to/todo.md

Example file

The default file is .todo in the current directory, but one can be specified with the -f argument.

It is a "markdown"-like file, with only an unordered list of checkboxes, so it can be directly parsed by other software, if needed.

- [x] done
- [ ] not done

Command line options

--add, -aThe dashes are optional. Adds a todo entry to the file.Nonetodo a My todo title
--file, -fSpecify path to use. May be relative path or absolute path..todotodo -f my/todo.md
--quiet, -qWill not echo results in operations, such as confirmation for adding to do entry.falsetodo -q -a My todo title