Toast Widget

Why did I create this?

As you know Flutter does not support Toast by default and Snackbar needs "context" object to show message. That hinders our ability to show a global Toast message from anywhere.

What does it do?

With toast_widget we can simply call"Hello world");

From anywhere in the app and it will show Toast like shown in the Image Above.

How to use it?

  1. Add toast_widget to pubspec.yml

    toast_widget: ^0.1

  1. Import Toast Wiget import 'package:toast_widget/toast.dart';

  2. Now wrap your widget inside Toast Widget

    a. Just Wrap any Widget with ToastWidget() like this

     child: ToastWidget(
         child: SettingPage(),

    b. You can also use the extension method .enableToast() on any Widget:

     child: SettingPage().enableToast(),
  1. Finally, call from anywhere in the app.

    a. Just Show Text :"Hello Toast");

    b. Show Toast with additional setting:
     "Hello Toast",
     mode: ToastMode.INFO,
     duration: Duration(milliseconds: 500)

Parameter info :



// ToastMode.INF0 - Green Background
// ToastMode.DEBUG - Blue Background
// ToastMode.ERROR - Red Background



// Give Duration for how long do you want the toast to show and disappear itself.

// User can also click the 'X' icon on the Toast to close.