Toast Like Message Badge Widget

What does it do?

With toast_badge we can simply call"Hello world");

From anywhere in the app and it will show Toast like shown in the Image Above.

While also being able to place it right in the place where you want it.

How to use it?

  1. Add toast_badge to pubspec.yml

    toast_badge: ^0.1

  1. Import Toast Wiget import 'package:toast_badge/toast_badge.dart';

  2. Now wrap your widget inside Toast Widget

    a. Just Wrap any Widget with ToastWidget() like this

     child: ToastBadge(
         child: SettingPage(),

    b. You can also use the extension method .enableBadge() on any Widget:

     child: SettingPage().enableBadge(),
  1. Finally, call from anywhere in the app.

    a. Just Show Text :"Hello Toast");

    b. Show Toast with additional setting:
     "Hello Toast",
     mode: ToastMode.INFO,
     duration: Duration(milliseconds: 500)

Parameter info :



// ToastMode.INF0 - Green Background
// ToastMode.DEBUG - Blue Background
// ToastMode.ERROR - Red Background



// Give Duration for how long do you want the toast to show and disappear itself.

// User can also click the 'X' icon on the Toast to close.