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Tezster banner A library for building decentralized applications in Flutter, currently focused on the Tezos platform. Tezster_dart package contains all the function that is required to build tezos application.

What is Tezos

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. It facilitates formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the correctness of the code governing transactions and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts.


  • Tezos wallet utilities.
    • Generate mnemonics.
    • Generate keys from mnemonic.
    • Generate keys from mnemonics and passphrase.
    • Sign Operation Group.
    • Unlock fundraiser identity.

Getting started

Check out the example directory for a sample app for using Tezster_dart.

Import using

import 'package:tezster_dart/tezster_dart.dart';


  • Generate mnemonic
String mnemonic = TezsterDart.generateMnemonic(); // sustain laugh capital drop brush artist ahead blossom bread spring motor other mountain thumb volcano engine shed guilt famous loud force hundred same brave
  • Generate keys from mnemonic
List<String> keys = await TezsterDart.getKeysFromMnemonic(mnemonic: "Your Mnemonic");

/* [edskRdVS5H9YCRAG8yqZkX2nUTbGcaDqjYgopkJwRuPUnYzCn3t9ZGksncTLYe33bFjq29pRhpvjQizCCzmugMGhJiXezixvdC,
   tz1g85oYHLFKDpNfDHPeBUbi3S7pUsgCB28q] */
  • Create / Unlock identity from mnemonic and passphrase.
List<String> identityWithMnemonic = await TezsterDart.getKeysFromMnemonicAndPassphrase(
      mnemonic: "your mnemonic",
      passphrase: "pa$\$w0rd");

/* [edskS9kdgvCWDiZL1yP1qH5xLCWYHQub4qibfU8DQZjv7wX7BskxSsL6h9j1yDYJ7Y9jDbMULNmfLhw9vBJPqDw3TeVHHd34w7,
    tz1hTe7oxtQr67dg6dWfTX3V44oPY7pzkFZS] */
  • Sign operation with private key and forged operation
List<String> signOperationGroup = await TezsterDart.signOperationGroup(
    privateKey: "edskRdV..... .XezixvdA",
    forgedOperation: "713cb068fe.... .b940ee");

/* [edsigtrBnsjSngfP6LULUDeo84eJVks4LWReYrZBUjKQNJjhVsG7bksqZ7CKnRePMceMe3vgRHHbyd2CqRdC8iEAK5NcyNn4iEB,
    dd61fde5a8496840ce2d377389a4ca7842bf613d3f096fda819c26e43adfb0cad1336a430d] */
  • Unlock fundraiser identity.
List<String> identityFundraiser = await TezsterDart.unlockFundraiserIdentity(
    mnemonic: "your mnemonic",
    email: "test@example.com",
    password: "pa$\$w0rd");

/* [edskRzNDm2dpqe2yd5zYAw1vmjr8sAwMubfcXajxdCNNr4Ud39BoppeqMAzoCPmb14mzfXRhjtydQjCbqU2VzWrsq6JP4D9GVb,
    tz1hhkSbaocSWm3wawZUuUdX57L3maSH16Pv] */

NOTE: Use stable version of flutter to avoid package conflicts.

Feature requests and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker. If you want to contribute to this libary, please submit a Pull Request.