text_transformer library


RemoveLastChar(String str) String
Removes the last character in a string [...]
SaltAndHash(String str, [String format = 'sha256']) Map<String, String>
Return a Map containing the salt & hashed string [...]
StripHTML(String str) String
Removes all HTML tags from a string and replaces them with nothing. [...]
Trim(String str, [String side]) String
Wrapper for trim(), trimRight(), trimLeft(). Defaults to trim() if no side is passed. [...]
Truncate(String str, [int length = 30]) String
Truncate and add ellipsis. Trims off trailing spaces. [...]
UpperCaseFirstLetter(String str, [bool everyWord = false]) String
Uppercase the first letter of a string [...]
UrlDecode(String url) String
Decode a url [...]
URlDecodeQueryString(String url) Map<String, dynamic>
Decode a query string ( or full Url) and return a Map [...]
UrlEncode(String str) String
Url encode a String [...]
UrlEncodeFromMap(Map data) String
Url encode a Map [...]