Text Item Selector

What is Text Item Selector

Text Item Selector is a simple package inspired by BottomNaviagtionBar which allows you to specify a list of Strings to be used as items. Items can be customized using ItemTextStyle, a class which allows you to specify the TextStyle for active and inactive items. When an item is tapped, a callback is triggered providing you with the index of the tapped item. When the item is changed, the text style animates and the circle indicator at the bottom of the selected item shrinks and grows to the new item.


  text_item_selector: any

Import the package

import 'package:text_item_selector/text_item_selector.dart';


Like BottomNavigationBar, Text Item Selector is optimized for small number of items.

In a StatefulWidget, create ItemSelectorBar and pass it the active index and list of items.

child: ItemSelectorBar(
    backgroundColor: Colors.white,
    activeIndex: _activeItem,
    items: <String>[
        'Page One',
        'Page Two',
    onTap: (int value) {
        setState(() {
            _activeItem = value;
        _pageController.animateToPage(value, duration: Duration(milliseconds: 300), curve: Curves.ease);

    itemTextStyle: ItemTextStyle(
        initialStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.blue, fontSize: 16.0),
        selectedStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.redAccent, fontSize: 16.0),

For a full example please see example/