merge method

Metadata merge (
  1. Metadata other

Return a new Metadata that merges this with other.

If the two Metadatas have conflicting properties, other wins. If either has a forTag metadata for one of the other's tags, that metadata is merged as well.


Metadata merge(Metadata other) => Metadata(
    testOn: testOn.intersection(other.testOn),
    timeout: timeout.merge(other.timeout),
    skip: other._skip ?? _skip,
    skipReason: other.skipReason ?? skipReason,
    verboseTrace: other._verboseTrace ?? _verboseTrace,
    chainStackTraces: other._chainStackTraces ?? _chainStackTraces,
    retry: other._retry ?? _retry,
    tags: tags.union(other.tags),
    onPlatform: mergeMaps(onPlatform, other.onPlatform,
        value: (metadata1, metadata2) => metadata1.merge(metadata2)),
    forTag: mergeMaps(forTag, other.forTag,
        value: (metadata1, metadata2) => metadata1.merge(metadata2)),
        other.languageVersionComment ?? languageVersionComment);