change method

Metadata change (
  1. {PlatformSelector testOn,
  2. Timeout timeout,
  3. bool skip,
  4. bool verboseTrace,
  5. bool chainStackTraces,
  6. int retry,
  7. String skipReason,
  8. Map<PlatformSelector, Metadata> onPlatform,
  9. Set<String> tags,
  10. Map<BooleanSelector, Metadata> forTag,
  11. String languageVersionComment}

Returns a copy of this with the given fields changed.


Metadata change(
    {PlatformSelector testOn,
    Timeout timeout,
    bool skip,
    bool verboseTrace,
    bool chainStackTraces,
    int retry,
    String skipReason,
    Map<PlatformSelector, Metadata> onPlatform,
    Set<String> tags,
    Map<BooleanSelector, Metadata> forTag,
    String languageVersionComment}) {
  testOn ??= this.testOn;
  timeout ??= this.timeout;
  skip ??= _skip;
  verboseTrace ??= _verboseTrace;
  chainStackTraces ??= _chainStackTraces;
  retry ??= _retry;
  skipReason ??= this.skipReason;
  onPlatform ??= this.onPlatform;
  tags ??= this.tags;
  forTag ??= this.forTag;
  languageVersionComment ??= this.languageVersionComment;
  return Metadata(
      testOn: testOn,
      timeout: timeout,
      skip: skip,
      verboseTrace: verboseTrace,
      chainStackTraces: chainStackTraces,
      skipReason: skipReason,
      onPlatform: onPlatform,
      tags: tags,
      forTag: forTag,
      retry: retry,
      languageVersionComment: languageVersionComment);