expectAsyncUntil function

  1. @Deprecated('Will be removed in 0.13.0')
Function expectAsyncUntil (
  1. Function callback,
  2. bool isDone(
    1. {String id,
    2. String reason}

    This function is deprecated because it doesn't work well with strong mode. Use expectAsyncUntil0, expectAsyncUntil1, expectAsyncUntil2, expectAsyncUntil3, expectAsyncUntil4, expectAsyncUntil5, or expectAsyncUntil6 instead.


    @Deprecated('Will be removed in 0.13.0')
    Function expectAsyncUntil(Function callback, bool Function() isDone,
        {String id, String reason}) {
      if (Invoker.current == null) {
        throw StateError('expectAsyncUntil() may only be called within a test.');
      return _ExpectedFunction(callback, 0, -1,
              id: id, reason: reason, isDone: isDone)