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Making your Dart command-line apps funky! :dancer:

About :books:

I always thought that the output of command-line apps was just a slew of text and a little bit boring. So I decided to spice things up a little! Term Style gives you the ability to use emojis and colors in your terminal!

What's available?


In terms of colors, these colors are currently provided by Term Style:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow


In terms of emojis, these emojis are currently provided by Term Style in four different categories:


  • grinningFace: :grinning:
  • laughCry: :joy:
  • upsideDownFace: :upside_down_face:
  • heartsInFace: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • smilingFace: :blush:
  • haloFace: :innocent:
  • winkingFace: :wink:
  • kissingFace: :kissing_closed_eyes:
  • angryFace: :angry:
  • crazyFace: :zany_face:
  • thinkingFace: :thinking:
  • naughtyface: :smiling_imp:


  • seeNoEvil: :see_no_evil:
  • animalGorilla: :gorilla:
  • windCloud: :dash:
  • sweatDroplets: :sweat_drops:
  • dogFace: :dog:
  • unicornHead: :unicorn:
  • catFace: :cat:
  • horseHead: :horse:
  • pandaFace: :panda_face:
  • bearFace: :bear:
  • tigerFace: :tiger:


  • readHeart: :heart:
  • blackHeart: :black_heart:
  • backArrow: :back:
  • soonArrow: :soon:
  • topArrow: :top:
  • infinitySign: :infinity:
  • multiplySign: :heavy_multiplication_x:
  • plusSign: :heavy_plus_sign:
  • divideSign: :heavy_division_sign:
  • minusSign: :heavy_minus_sign:
  • tickSign: :heavy_check_mark:


  • kitchenKnife: :knife:
  • scissors: :scissors:
  • bomb: :bomb:
  • gun: :gun:
  • hammer: :hammer:
  • wrench: :wrench:
  • hammerAndWrench: :hammer_and_wrench:
  • hammerAndPick: :hammer_and_pick:
  • pick: :pick:
  • woodSaw: not supported by GitHub markdown
  • axe: :axe:

Installation :inbox_tray:

Adding to your project

To add TermStyle to your project's dependencies, add this to your project's pubspec.yaml:

From GitHub

    git: git://github.com/iamtheblackunicorn/TermStyle.git

From Pub.dev

  termstyle: ^1.1.0

The three dots represent anything else that you might have in the dependencies section. Having done that, re-fetch your project's dependencies by running this in the project's root directory:

$ dart pub get

Usage :hammer:


To import the color module into your code, use this line:

import 'package:termstyle/colors.dart';

To import the emoji module into your code, use this line:

import 'package:termstyle/emojis.dart';



Map<String, dynamic> emojiDataBase()

This method returns a database of 44 select emojis in form of a map in four select categories.

String getEmoji(String emoji)

This method returns an emoji by its name as a string.

void printEmoji(String emoji)

This method prints an emoji by its name to the console.

void testAllEmojis()

This method iterates over the emoji database, once getting and printing a string by the name of the emoji, and once by directly printing a string by the name of the emoji to the console.


Map<String, dynamic> termColors()

This method is a database of all the six colors for pretty console colors. It returns a map.

String getColoredString(String message, String userColor)

This method returns a string in the specified color.

void printColoredString(String message, String userColor)

This method prints a string in the specified color to the console.

void testAllColors()

This method tests all available colors.

Note :scroll:

  • TermStyle by Alexander Abraham a.k.a. The Black Unicorn
  • licensed under the MIT license