Terbilang | Number To Words Conversion For Flutter | Dart

Convert number & date to words in any language for Flutter/Dart, this package is inspired from laravel package riskihajar/terbilang

Getting Started

Number to words conversion support multi language.

Supported Language

  • id | Bahasa Indonesia
  • en | English
  • soon


Add dependency

  terbilang: 1.0.5  #latest version

Pull Request

Feel free to submit pull requests for desired changes / features / bug fixes... It makes the maintenance of this code much easier as I no longer use Flutter frequently.

Terbilang supports for number, date (coming soon), and romans (coming soon)

import 'package:terbilang/terbilang.dart';
Terbilang _terbilang = Terbilang(number: 10000); // u can use any parameter (string, int, double) numeric on costruct

//Terbilang _terbilang = Terbilang(number: "10000");
//Terbilang _terbilang = Terbilang(number: 10000.87);

print(_terbilang.result()); // sepuluh ribu

Terbilang _terbilang1 = Terbilang(number: 1290.56);
print(_terbilang1.result()); // seribu dua ratus sembilan puluh koma lima enam

Prefix & Suffix

if you set language to id

import 'package:terbilang/terbilang.dart';
Terbilang _terbilang = Terbilang(); // default language is id
print(_terbilang.make(number : 10000, prefix : "senilai", suffix : "rupiah")); //senilai sepuluh ribu rupiah

if you set language to en

import 'package:terbilang/terbilang.dart';
Terbilang _terbilang = Terbilang(lang : "en"); // default language is id
print(_terbilang.make(number : 6000, suffix : "dollars")); //six hundred dollars

Number to Roman

coming soon

Number Shorthand

coming soon


coming soon


coming soon

How to use on flutter

note : i don't have write widget to use for flutter, but if u really need it, u can write and feel free to make pull request

 //how to use on widget
 ... : Container(
     child : Text(Terbilang(number: 10000.87).result())

 //how to use on widget with latest build
 ... : Container(
     child : Text(Terbilang().make(number: 10000.87))

coming soon

another awesome feature


A simple library to convert number or date on dart, which supports multilanguage and other coolstuff, very easy to use. [...]