A wrapper for the TaxiFareFinder API. Documentation of the API can be found at

The required TaxiFareFinder API key can be requested at


import 'package:taxifarefinder/taxifarefinder.dart';

var taxiFareFinder = TaxiFareFinder('<YOUR API KEY>');

// Find the nearest city supported by the TaxiFareFinder API
// A complete list if supported entities can be found at 
TffCity nearestCity = await taxiFareFinder.getNearestCity(13.736717, 100.523186);

// Get fare information like total fare, distance or tip information
TffFare fare = await taxiFareFinder.getFare(
    3.147948, 101.710347, 3.144169, 101.718519,
    traffic: TffTraffic.light);

// Retrieve a list of taxi companies in a supported city
List<TffTaxiCompany> companies = await taxiFareFinder.getTaxiCompanies('London');