tailor library

Tailor is a lightning-speed persistent key-value store for Dart. Using a synchronous, convenient API and a caching system, it is able to write 50k objects, read 500k, and delete 200k, all in a single second.


A reference to a directory (or folder) on the file system. [...]
A reference to a file on the file system. [...]
Wrapper class for interacting with a database. These databases are organized as a key-value store (similar to a Map).


genKey() String
Generate a 32-byte, random Fortuna key. You can pass this to init if you are using encryption.
join(String part1, [String part2, String part3, String part4, String part5, String part6, String part7, String part8]) String
Joins the given path parts into a single path using the current platform's separator. Example: [...]