CellAlignments.variable constructor Null safety

const CellAlignments.variable(
  1. {required List<List<Alignment>>? contentCellAlignments,
  2. required List<Alignment>? stickyColumnAlignments,
  3. required List<Alignment>? stickyRowAlignments,
  4. required Alignment stickyLegendAlignment}

Different alignment for every cell.


const CellAlignments.variable({
  /// Different alignment for each content cell.
  /// Dimensions of array must match rowsLength x columnsLength.
  required this.contentCellAlignments,

  /// Different alignment for each sticky column cell.
  /// Length of list must match rowsLength.
  required this.stickyColumnAlignments,

  /// Different alignment for each sticky row cell.
  /// Length of list must match columnsLength.
  required this.stickyRowAlignments,

  /// Alignment for the sticky legend cell.
  required this.stickyLegendAlignment,
})   : contentCellAlignment = null,
      columnAlignments = null,
      rowAlignments = null,
      stickyColumnAlignment = null,
      stickyRowAlignment = null;