ShapeMarkerType enum Null safety

Apply the different marker pointer.





image → const ShapeMarkerType

Draw a image.

const ShapeMarkerType(0)
circle → const ShapeMarkerType points the value with circle.

const ShapeMarkerType(1)
rectangle → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.rectangle points the value with rectangle

const ShapeMarkerType(2)
diamond → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.diamond points the value with diamond.

const ShapeMarkerType(3)
triangle → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.Triangle points the value with triangle.

const ShapeMarkerType(4)
invertedTriangle → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.InvertedTriangle points the value with inverted triangle.

const ShapeMarkerType(5)
verticalTriangle → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.VerticalTriangle points the value with triangle.

const ShapeMarkerType(6)
verticalInvertedTriangle → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.VerticalInvertedTriangle points the value with triangle.

const ShapeMarkerType(7)
pentagon → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.pentagon points the value with pentagon.

const ShapeMarkerType(8)
verticalLine → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.verticalLine points the value with vertical line.

const ShapeMarkerType(9)
horizontalLine → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.horizontalLine points the value with horizontal line.

const ShapeMarkerType(10)
lineSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.lineSeries which draws the line series shape.

const ShapeMarkerType(11)
lineSeriesWithDashArray → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.lineSeriesWithDashArray which draws line series shape in dash array

const ShapeMarkerType(12)
fastLineSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.fastLineSeries which draws the fast line series shape.

const ShapeMarkerType(13)
fastLineSeriesWithDashArray → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.fastLineSeriesWithDashArray which draws fast line series shape in dash array

const ShapeMarkerType(14)
stackedLineSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedLineSeries which draws the stacked line series shape.

const ShapeMarkerType(15)
stackedLineSeriesWithDashArray → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedLineSeriesWithDashArray which draws stacked line series shape in dash array

const ShapeMarkerType(16)
stackedLine100Series → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedLine100Series which draws the stacked line 100 series shape.

const ShapeMarkerType(17)
stackedLine100SeriesWithDashArray → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedLine100SeriesWithDashArray which draws stacked line 100 series shape in dash array

const ShapeMarkerType(18)
splineSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.splineSeries which draws the spline series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(19)
splineSeriesWithDashArray → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.splineSeriesWithDashArray which draws spline series shape in dash array

const ShapeMarkerType(20)
splineAreaSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.splineAreaSeries which draws the spline area series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(21)
splineRangeAreaSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.splineRangeAreaSeries which draws the spline range area series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(22)
areaSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.areaSeriesType which draws the area series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(23)
stackedAreaSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedAreaSeries which draws the stacked area series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(24)
rangeAreaSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.rangeAreaSeries which draws the range area series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(25)
stackedArea100Series → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedArea100Series which draws the stacked area 100 series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(26)
stepAreaSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stepAreaSeries which draws the step area series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(27)
stepLineSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stepLineSeries which draws the step line series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(28)
stepLineSeriesWithDashArray → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stepLineSeriesWithDashArray which draws step line series shape in dash array

const ShapeMarkerType(29)
bubbleSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.bubbleSeries which draws the bubble series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(30)
columnSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.columnSeries which draws the column series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(31)
stackedColumnSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedColumnSeries which draws the stacked column series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(32)
stackedColumn100Series → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedColumn100Series which draws the stacked column 100 series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(33)
rangeColumnSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.rangeColumnSeries which draws the range column series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(34)
histogramSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.histogramSeries which draws the histogram series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(35)
barSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.barSeries which draws the bar series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(36)
stackedBarSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedBarSeries which draws the stacked bar series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(37)
stackedBar100Series → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.stackedBar100Series which draws the stacked bar 100 series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(38)
hiloSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.hiloSeries which draws the hilo series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(39)
hiloOpenCloseSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.hiloOpenCloseSeries which draws the hilo open close series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(40)
candleSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.candleSeries which draws the candle series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(41)
waterfallSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.waterfallSeries which draws the waterfall series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(42)
boxAndWhiskerSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.boxAndWhiskerSeries which draws the box and whisker series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(43)
pieSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.pieSeries which draws the pie series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(44)
doughnutSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.doughnutSeries which draws the doughnut series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(45)
radialBarSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.radialBarSeries which draws the radial bar series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(46)
pyramidSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.pyramidSeries which draws the pyramid series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(47)
funnelSeries → const ShapeMarkerType

ShapeMarkerType.funnelSeries which draws the funnel series marker.

const ShapeMarkerType(48)


hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
index int
A numeric identifier for the enumerated value.
read-only, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited


noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.


values → const List<ShapeMarkerType>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.
[image, circle, rectangle, diamond, triangle, invertedTriangle, verticalTriangle, verticalInvertedTriangle, pentagon, verticalLine, horizontalLine, lineSeries, lineSeriesWithDashArray, fastLineSeries,…