disabledActiveDividerColor property Null safety

Color? disabledActiveDividerColor

Specifies the color for the disabled active dividers in the SfSlider, SfRangeSlider, and SfRangeSelector.

The active side of the SfRangeSlider and SfRangeSelector is between start and end thumbs.

The active side of the SfSlider is between the min value and thumb.

This snippet shows how to set disabled active divider color in SfRangeSliderThemeData.

SfRangeValues _values = SfRangeValues(4.0, 8.0);

    body: Center(
        child: SfRangeSliderTheme(
            data: SfRangeSliderThemeData(
                 disabledActiveDividerColor: Colors.purple,
            child:  SfRangeSlider(
                min: 2.0,
                max: 10.0,
                values: _values,
                interval: 2,
                showTicks: true,
                showDividers: true,
                minorTicksPerInterval: 1,


final Color? disabledActiveDividerColor;