SfDataGridThemeData.raw constructor Null safety

const SfDataGridThemeData.raw(
  1. {required Brightness brightness,
  2. required Color gridLineColor,
  3. required double gridLineStrokeWidth,
  4. required Color selectionColor,
  5. required DataGridCurrentCellStyle currentCellStyle,
  6. required Color frozenPaneLineColor,
  7. required double frozenPaneLineWidth,
  8. required Color sortIconColor,
  9. required Color headerColor,
  10. required Color headerHoverColor,
  11. required double frozenPaneElevation,
  12. required Color columnResizeIndicatorColor,
  13. required double columnResizeIndicatorStrokeWidth,
  14. required Color rowHoverColor,
  15. required TextStyle rowHoverTextStyle}

Create a SfDataGridThemeData given a set of exact values. All the values must be specified.

This will rarely be used directly. It is used by lerp to create intermediate themes based on two themes created with the SfDataGridThemeData constructor.


const SfDataGridThemeData.raw({
  required this.brightness,
  required this.gridLineColor,
  required this.gridLineStrokeWidth,
  required this.selectionColor,
  required this.currentCellStyle,
  required this.frozenPaneLineColor,
  required this.frozenPaneLineWidth,
  required this.sortIconColor,
  required this.headerColor,
  required this.headerHoverColor,
  required this.frozenPaneElevation,
  required this.columnResizeIndicatorColor,
  required this.columnResizeIndicatorStrokeWidth,
  required this.rowHoverColor,
  required this.rowHoverTextStyle,