core library Null safety


An HijriDateTime data. [...]
Coordinates between SfRangeSelector and the widget which listens to it. [...]
Draw different marker shapes by using height and width
Represents the Shape marker painter.
The class for license validation.
Holds the arguments for the event onTooltipRender. [...]


addDays(dynamic date, int days) → dynamic
Return date value without hour and minutes consideration.
addDuration(dynamic date, Duration duration) → dynamic
Add the date value with duration without daylight saving value [...]
convertToGregorianDate(HijriDateTime? date, {int year = 0, int month = 0, int day = 0}) DateTime
Converts and returns the gregorian date from the given hijri date values.
convertToHijriDate(DateTime date) HijriDateTime
Converts and retusn the hijri date for the given gregorian date.
degreeToRadian(int deg) double
This method converts the corresponding degrees to radian
getFirstDayOfWeekDate(int visibleDatesCount, dynamic date, int firstDayOfWeek) → dynamic
Calculate first day of week date value based original date with first day of week value.
getMaxLinesContent(String? text) int
This method returns the maximum lines in the given text content
getNextMonthDate(dynamic date) → dynamic
Returns the next month start date for the given date..
getPreviousMonthDate(dynamic date) → dynamic
Returns the previous month start date for the given date.
getValidDate(dynamic minDate, dynamic maxDate, dynamic date) → dynamic
Return the given date if the date in between first and last date else return first date/last date when the date before of first date or after last date
getVisibleDates(dynamic date, List<int>? nonWorkingDays, int firstDayOfWeek, int visibleDatesCount) List
Get the visible dates based on the date value and visible dates count.
isDateWithInDateRange(dynamic startDate, dynamic endDate, dynamic date) bool
Check the date in between first and last date
isSameDate(dynamic date1, dynamic date2) bool
Check the dates are equal or not.
isSameOrAfterDate(dynamic firstDate, dynamic date) bool
Check the date after/same of first date
isSameOrBeforeDate(dynamic lastDate, dynamic date) bool
Check the date before/same of last date
measureText(String textValue, TextStyle textStyle, [int? angle]) Size
This method measures the size for given text and textstyle
offsetToVector2(Offset offset) Vector2
This method converts the corresponding Offset to Vector2
rotatedTextSize(Size size, int angle) Rect
This method returns the rect for given size and angle
subtractDuration(dynamic date, Duration duration) → dynamic
Subtract the date value with duration without daylight saving value [...]
transform(Matrix2 matrix, Offset offset) Offset
This method transforms the given offset with respect ot the given matrix
vector2ToOffset(Vector2 vector) Offset
This method converts the corresponding Vector2 to Offset


Data marker shapes. [...]
Apply the different marker pointer.
Used to align the tootip content. [...]