DataMarkerType enum Null safety

Data marker shapes.

Data marker supports the below shapes. If the shape is DataMarkerType.image, specify the image path in the imageUrl property of markerSettings.

Implemented types


circle → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.cicle, will render marker shape circle.
const DataMarkerType(0)
diamond → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.diamond, will render marker shape diamond.
const DataMarkerType(6)
horizontalLine → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.horizontalLine, will render marker horizontalLine.
const DataMarkerType(5)
image → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.image, will render marker image.
const DataMarkerType(2)
invertedTriangle → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.invertedTriangle, will render marker shape invertedTriangle.
const DataMarkerType(8)
none → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.none, will skip rendering marker.
const DataMarkerType(9)
pentagon → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.pentagon, will render marker shape pentagon.
const DataMarkerType(3)
rectangle → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.rectangle, will render marker shape rectangle.
const DataMarkerType(1)
triangle → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.triangle, will render marker shape triangle.
const DataMarkerType(7)
values → const List<DataMarkerType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<DataMarkerType>
verticalLine → const DataMarkerType
  • DataMarkerType.verticalLine, will render marker verticalLine.
const DataMarkerType(4)


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index int

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