drawDataMarker method Null safety

  1. @override
void drawDataMarker(
  1. int index,
  2. Canvas canvas,
  3. Paint fillPaint,
  4. Paint strokePaint,
  5. double pointX,
  6. double pointY,
  7. [CartesianSeriesRenderer? seriesRenderer]

Draws the marker with different shapes and color of the appropriate data point in the series.


void drawDataMarker(int index, Canvas canvas, Paint fillPaint,
    Paint strokePaint, double pointX, double pointY,
    [CartesianSeriesRenderer? seriesRenderer]) {
  final SeriesRendererDetails seriesRendererDetails =
  canvas.drawPath(seriesRendererDetails.markerShapes[index]!, fillPaint);
  canvas.drawPath(seriesRendererDetails.markerShapes[index]!, strokePaint);