Super Logging

The usual dart logging module with superpowers!


pub package

This will log to

  • stdout
  • disk

How do I use this?

import 'package:super_logging/super_logging.dart';  // you only need this import for initialize
import 'package:logging/logging.dart';  // this is the regular dart module

final _logger = Logger("main");

main() async {
  // you must initalize before using the logger!
  await SuperLogging.init();"hello!");

This will log to stdout by default. Use may also choose to :-


This module can upload errors to if you want.

(Errors can be logged by passing errors like so: _logger.fine(msg, e, trace);)

await SuperLogging.init(
  // Passing this will enable sentry uploads.
  sentryDsn: "YOUR_SENTRY_DSN",

  // [optional] Has auto retry of uploads built right in!
  sentryAutoRetryDelay: Duration(seconds: 5),
  // [optional] Get current user info, which will be sent to sentry.
  // This appears in their web gui.
  getCurrentUser: (deviceInfo) {
    return User(
      username: "john",
      extras: deviceInfo,  // contains valuable info like device manufacturer, model etc.
  // [optional] automatically turn off sentry/file logging during debug mode.
  bool considerDebugMode: true,

Use the disk

await SuperLogging.init(
  // Passing this will enable logging to the disk.
  // New log files are created every day.
  String logFileDir: "LOGGING_DIRECORY",

  // This controls the max no of log files inside [logFileDir].
  // This prevents log files blowing up.
  // Older log files are deleted automatically.
  int maxLogFiles: 10,

Can I log uncaught errors?


If you pass a function to the run argument, super logging will register hooks for FlutterError.onError and use runZoned() to catch un-caught errors.

import 'package:super_logging/super_logging.dart';
import 'package:logging/logging.dart';

final _logger = Logger("main");

main() async {
  await SuperLogging.init(
    run: () {
      runApp(Main());  // `Main` is the root widget

This is disabled if the app is running in debug mode, and considerDebugMode is set to true