CSS-variables like Flutter theming.

How does it work?

stylist is just like CSS variables - it will be easy to pick up and use for web developers.

First, you create StyleData instance. You can have multiple StyleData instances, and then inject them all into one big StyleData.

StyleData cardStyle = StyleData({
  "card-color": Color(0xFF129892),
  "card-border-radius": BorderRadius.circular(16.0),
  "card-border-color": "app-primary-color",

StyleData appStyle = StyleData({

Then, you apply your style in your app root using StaticStyle.

return StaticStyle(
  style: appStyle,
  child: MaterialApp(...),

Now you can use your style by calling Style.of(context).

final style = Style.of(context);

// Automatically resolves the "app-primary-color" as a reference and gets the color.
final cardBorderColor = style.get<Color>("card-border-color"); 

Benefits and downsides

It is really flexible, but you might lose some custom behavior that is obtainable through classes. Nevertheless, the ease of use makes up for it.

By the way, it also supports hex string colors.

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