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Conveniently secure payments methods using Stripe.

Quick Glance

  • This Flutter plugin is a straight port from tipsi-stripe plugin for React Native - we tried to keep the API as close as possible so the documentation applies this this plugin as well.
  • Collect chargable tokens from users' Card Input and Apple & Google Pay
  • For SCA compliant apps, setup payment intents for later confirmation.

Supported features:

Native Pay -  & G

  • canMakeNativePayPayments()
  • deviceSupportsNativePay()
  • potentiallyAvailableNativePayNetworks()
  • completeNativePayRequest()
  • cancelNativePayRequest()

Card Form

  • paymentRequestWithCardForm()

Card Params Object

  • createTokenWithCard()

Bank Account Params Object

  • createTokenWithBankAccount()

Create Source Object With Params

  • createSourceWithParams()

Apple Pay


Android & iOS

  • Create a Stripe account and project
  • Retrieve a publishable key from the Stripe dashboard

Stripe Dashboard


  • Requires AndroidX

Include support in android/


For proper setup also have a look at:


As this plugin is a port from tipsi-stripe for React Native you may consult their documentation: It includes:

  • how to setup Google / Apple Pay
  • method documentations

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