Stripe Apple Pay

Create chargeable stripe tokens using Apple Pay.

This plugin allows you to easily charge a user using Apple Pay and get a token that can be sent to Stripe to complete the purchase.


iOS Merchant Identifier

On the Apple Developer portal, create a merchant identifier. This identifier will need to be associated with your Stripe project and added to your projects capabilities in Xcode. Check out Stripe's documentation for detailed instructions.

Set Publishable Key

Setting your project's publishable key is required before calling any of the plugin's methods.


Set Merchant Identifier

Setting your merchant identifier is required before calling any of the plugin's methods.


Set Currency Key (optional)

You can change the currency used in the payment sheet by calling the following methods and passing a ISO currency and country code


Collect payments

To collect a payment create an order containing the order items, merchant name, and optionally a tax or tip. Call presentApplePay to present the payment sheet to the user. This function will return a token, which can be sent to Stripe to complete the purchase. Once the purchase has been completed call confirmPayment to let the user know wether the purchase was successful.

import 'package:stripe_apple_pay/stripe_apple_pay.dart';

// ...
Widget build(context) {
    // ApplePayButton is optional
    return ApplePayButton(
        onPressed: () async {
            final order = ApplePayOrder(merchantName: 'Hat Store', items: [ApplePayItem(label: 'Top Hat', amount: 5.00)]);
            final token = await StripeNative.useNativePay(order);
            // Send token to stripe to complete the purchase

Google Pay

I suggest using the pay package to use Google Pay with Stripe.


This plugin uses code from the following packages: