stripe_text_utils library


HEX_ARRAY → const String
Util Array for converting bytes to a hex string. {@url}


hasAnyPrefix(String number, List<String> prefixes) → bool
Check to see if the input number has any of the given prefixes. [...]
isBlank(String value) → bool
A checker for whether or not the input value is entirely whitespace. This is slightly more aggressive than the android TextUtils#isEmpty method, which only returns true for {@code null} or {@code ""}. [...]
nullIfBlank(String value) → String
Swap {@code null} for blank text values. [...]
removeSpacesAndHyphens(String cardNumberWithSpaces) → String
Converts a card number that may have spaces between the numbers into one without any spaces. Note: method does not check that all characters are digits or spaces. [...]