story_view Pub

Story view for apps with stories.

This a Flutter widget to display stories just like Whatsapp and Instagram. Can also be used inline/inside ListView or Column just like Google News app. Comes with gestures to pause, forward and go to previous page.


🕹 Still image, GIF and video support

📍 Gesture for pause, rewind and forward

⚜️ Caption for each story item

🎈 Animated progress indicator for each story item

And useful callback to perform meta functionalities.


To use this plugin, add story_view as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Import the package into your code

import "package:story_view/story_view.dart";

Look inside examples/example.dart on how to use this library. You can copy and paste the code into your main.dart and run to have a quick look.


Use StoryView to add stories to screen or view heirarchy. StoryView requires a list of StoryItem, each of which describes the view to be displayed on each story page, duration and so forth. This gives you the freedom to customize each page of the story.

There are shorthands provided to create common pages.

StoryItem.text is a shorthand to create a story page that displays only text.

StoryItem.pageImage creates a story item to display images with a caption.

StoryItem.inlineImage creates a story item that is intended to be displayed in a linear view hierarchy like List or Column

StoryItem.inlineGif and StoryItem.pageGif works same as inline and page image but supports both animated GIFs and still images. The difference is that, animated GIFs get paused when a pause gesture is made.

StoryItem.pageVideo creates a page story item with video media. Just provide your video url and get going.

Story controller, loaders and GIF support

While images load, it'll be a better experience to pause the stories until it's done. To achieve this effect, create a global instance of StoryController and use the shorthand StoryItem.pageGif or StoryItem.inlineGif while passing the controller to it.

🍭 StoryItem.pageGif and StoryItem.inlineGif can also load non-animated graphic media like PNG, JPG, etc.

final controller = StoryController();

Widget build(context) {
  List<StoryItem> storyItems = [
      controller: controller,
      controller: controller,
  ]; // your list of stories

  return StoryView(
    controller: controller, // pass controller here too
    repeat: true, // should the stories be slid forever
    onStoryShow: (s) {notifyServer(s)}

🍭 Now, tell your users some stories.