deleteBucket method Null safety

Future<StorageResponse<String>> deleteBucket(
  1. String id

Deletes an existing bucket. A bucket can't be deleted with existing objects inside it. You must first emptyBucket() the bucket.

id The unique identifier of the bucket you would like to delete.


Future<StorageResponse<String>> deleteBucket(String id) async {
  try {
    final FetchOptions options = FetchOptions(headers: headers);
    final response =
        await fetch.delete('$url/bucket/$id', {}, options: options);
    if (response.hasError) {
      return StorageResponse(error: response.error);
    } else {
      return StorageResponse<String>(
        data:['message'] as String,
  } catch (e) {
    return StorageResponse(error: StorageError(e.toString()));