static_sharedpreferences library Null safety


clear() Future<bool>
Completes with true once the user preferences for the app has been cleared.
containsKey(String key) bool
Returns true if persistent storage the contains the given key.
getAny(String key) Object?
getBool(String key) bool?
getDouble(String key) double?
getInt(String key) int?
getKeys() Set<String>
Returns all keys in the persistent storage.
getString(String key) String?
getStringList(String key) List<String>?
initialize() Future<void>
Description [...]
onFirstTimeLaunched({required String key, void onFirstTimeLaunched()?, void onNormalLaunch()?}) bool
Description [...]
reload() Future<void>
Fetches the latest values from the host platform.
remove(String key) Future<bool>
Removes an entry from persistent storage.
setBool(String key, bool value) Future<bool>
setDouble(String key, double value) Future<bool>
setInt(String key, int value) Future<bool>
setString(String key, String value) Future<bool>
setStringList(String key, List<String> value) Future<bool>