generatePgOrm function Null safety

Future<bool> generatePgOrm(
  1. PostgreSQLConnection connection,
  2. {String? path,
  3. String? subPath,
  4. bool schemaInName = true,
  5. String? tableName}

Looad a connection to Postgres Database and automatically generates ORM for all tables of target database

Include "path" named parameter to specify the local pasth to generateds files

Include "schemaInName" named parameter if you want supress the schame name of table in generateds files and class names of thats files


Future<bool> generatePgOrm(PostgreSQLConnection connection,
    {String? path,
    String? subPath,
    bool schemaInName = true,
    String? tableName}) async {
  try {
    await _generateOrm(
      (await _getTables(
        tableName: tableName,
      path: path,
      subPath: subPath,

    return true;
  } finally {}