injectForm method Null safety

InjectedForm injectForm(
  1. {AutovalidateMode autovalidateMode = AutovalidateMode.disabled,
  2. bool autoFocusOnFirstError = true,
  3. void onSubmitting(
    1. void onSubmitted(
      1. SideEffects? submissionSideEffects,
      2. Future<void> submit(

        Inject a form that controls all TextField and OnFormFieldBuilder instantiated inside its builder method.

        If the application you are working on contains dozens of TextFields, it becomes tedious to process each field individually. Form helps us collect many TextFields and manage them as a unit.

        With InjectedForm you can validate all input fields in the front end, submit them and do server side validation.

        Example: Supposing we have already defined email and password InjectedTextEditing

         final form = RM.injectForm(
           submit: () async {
             //This is the default submission logic,
             //It may be override when calling form.submit( () async { });
             //It may contains server validation.
            await serverError =  authRepository.signInWithEmailAndPassword(
               email: email.text,
               password: password.text,
             //after server validation
             if(serverError == 'Invalid-Email'){
               email.error = 'Invalid email';
             if(serverError == 'Weak-Password'){
               email.error = 'Password must have more the 6 characters';

        Once InjectedForm.submit is invoked, input field are first validate in the front end. If they are valid, submit is called. After waiting for submission, if it ends with server error we set it our field to display the server validation.

        See also :


        autovalidateMode: Optional AutovalidateMode. Defaults to AutovalidateMode.disabled

        The auto validation mode of the form. It can take one of three enumeration values:

        • AutovalidateMode.disable: The form is validated manually by callingform.validate()
        • AutovalidateMode.always: The form is always validated
        • AutovalidateMode.onUserInteraction: The form is not validated until the user has started typing.

        If autovalidateMode is set to AutovalidateMode.always or AutovalidateMode.onUserInteraction, It overrides the value of autoValidateValueChange of its child InjectedTextEditing or InjectedFormField.

        autoFocusOnFirstError: Optional bool. Defaults to true

        After the form is validated, get focused on the first non valid TextField, if any.

        submit: Optional callback.

        Contains the user submission logic. Called when invoking InjectedForm.submit method.

        submissionSideEffects: Optional SideEffects.

        Use to invoke side effects. See OnFormBuilder.isEnabledRM for an example of disabling a inputs while waiting for the form submission.

        onSubmitting: Optional callback.

        Callback for side effects called while waiting for form submission

        onSubmitted: Optional callback.

        Callback for side effects called if the form successfully submitted.


        static InjectedForm injectForm({
          AutovalidateMode autovalidateMode = AutovalidateMode.disabled,
          bool autoFocusOnFirstError = true,
          void Function()? onSubmitting,
          void Function()? onSubmitted,
          SideEffects? submissionSideEffects,
          Future<void> Function()? submit,
          // void Function(dynamic, void Function())? onSubmissionError,
        }) {
          return InjectedFormImp(
            autovalidateMode: autovalidateMode,
            autoFocusOnFirstError: autoFocusOnFirstError,
            onSubmitting: onSubmitting,
            onSubmitted: onSubmitted,
            sideEffects: submissionSideEffects,
            submit: submit,