OnCombined<T, R>.all constructor Null safety

OnCombined<T, R>.all(
  1. {required R onIdle(
    1. required R onWaiting(
      1. required R onError(
        1. dynamic error,
        2. void refresh(
        3. required R onData(
          1. T state

        Set of callbacks to be invoked when the Injected models emit notifications with the corresponding state status.

        onIdle, onWaiting, onError and onData are required.

        For optional callbacks use OnCombined.or.


        factory OnCombined.all({
          required R Function() onIdle,
          required R Function() onWaiting,
          required R Function(dynamic error, void Function() refresh) onError,
          required R Function(T state) onData,
        }) {
          return OnCombined._(
            onIdle: (_) => onIdle(),
            onWaiting: (_) => onWaiting(),
            onError: (_, dynamic err, void Function() refresh) =>
                onError(err, refresh),
            onData: onData,