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StateBloc help the Widget tree to rebuild again with the help of streams. You do no need to create any bloc class for managing state, just need to instantiating the StateBloc class with an initial value.

Getting Started

In your flutter project add the dependency:

state_bloc :  1.0.4

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.

Usage Example

import 'package:state_bloc/state_bloc.dart';

Define a StateBloc

//Requires a initial value in it's constructor 

StateBloc<int> stateBloc = StateBloc<int>(0);

Listen to Data using StateBlocBuilder

You will need to pass the stateBloc and a widget to StateBlocBuilder

//Define the type of data you are using in StateBloc eg : int, String, Foo.

  stateBloc: stateBloc,
  widget: (int value) {
    return Text("$value");

Change the state of the bloc

1. Change the state when you have no access of the value

This will provide you the previous state data present in the bloc other vise the state you have provided while instantiating the StateBloc

stateBloc.changeState(state: (value) {

  //do changes with value and return it
      return value;


2. Change the state without value provided

stateBloc.value = value;



Listen to the value changed

stateBloc.listenToValue(listenToValue: (int value) {

  //listen to the value when changed


Don't forget to dispose the bloc


Managing App State with get_it

get_it Package pub package by escamoteur

In your flutter project add the dependency:

get_it: <latest-version>

Register the StateBloc with GetIt.

GetIt appConfig = GetIt();

void setupAppConfig() {
//This will create a Singleton for the whole app
      () => StateBloc<DarkThemeModel>(DarkThemeModel()));

if you want to register the another StateBloc with GetIt , you will have to provide the instance name.

GetIt appConfig = GetIt();

void setupAppConfig() {
      () => StateBloc<DarkThemeModel>(DarkThemeModel()), "darkMode");

Register when the app runs.

void main() {

Using StateBloc instance from the GetIt

StateBloc<DarkThemeModel> stateBloc= appConfig<StateBloc<DarkThemeModel>>("darkMode");

Kaboom 💣💣

Now you can change the app state with StateBloc with GetIt.