Common flutter widgets and helper methods.


As of now, stanley is an opiniated package which includes dependencies to:

Main classes


A all-in-one budget to manage layout and styling of other widgets. Based on the properties set, Decorator will encapsulate the child wigdet with whatever is needed to support:

  • Sizing
  • Margins
  • Paddings
  • Borders (including rounded)
  • Background color
  • Tap handler

Paddings and margins can be specified with various parameters that can be used to override defaults. For instance:

  • paddingAll: 16
  • paddingHoriz: 8
  • paddingLeft: 4

Will result in:

  • Top and bottom = 16 (paddingAll)
  • Right = 8 (overriden by paddingHoriz)
  • Left = 4 (overriden by paddingLeft)

The example uses Decorator for the buttons displayed on the page.

Native Dialog

A class to display native dialogs and alert sheets on iOS and Android with unified interface. The example demonstrates several uses of this.

Other UI Helpers

Other helpers include scaffold, text which basically embrace the same philosophy as Decorator: pass all required parmeters and these classes will do the work.


A set of classes to quickly create vertical forms (definitely more Material than iOS). Those were mostly created for non-white backgrounds as they override a number decorations to fit your style. You can override PaddedFormField.textColor (defaults to white) if needed.

All widgets include the possibility to attach an icon as decoration that can be clicked to get help.

Widgets include:

  • DecoratedTextFormField: safe explanatory
  • DropdownField: encapsulated DropdownButtonFormField
  • ToggleFormField: specialized DropdownField for boolean choices